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Guild Message of the Day - March 20th
Sunday 3/20 raid canceled!

Crescendo News

By: Saphiel - April 6th

We're moving!

Sorry to those of you who just signed up to this site, but we're a-moving. Guildzilla wants to us to pay for premium service just to have use of the forums, which suck anyway. So, forget that. We're moving over to:

By: Saphiel - March 3rd

Ascendant Council down!

By: Saphiel - February 7th

Conclave of Wind and Valiona & Theralion down!

By: Saphiel - February 7th

Chimaeron down!


Guess what? We forgot to take a kill shot.
However, you'll notice that something is suspiciously absent from this room.

By: Saphiel - January 31st

Atramedes down!

Only took us 5 bosses but we finally remembered to take a kill shot.

  • Mardix: This means we're a real guild now!
By: Saphiel - January 23rd

Maloriak down!

We forgot to take a kill shot AGAIN. We're really bad at PR, but we're pretty okay at raiding... Atramedes dies tomorrow!

  • Tensoon: At least we won't need to worry about taking a kill shot of Atramedes. He's blind, he couldn't see it anyway!
By: Saphiel - January 20th

Halfus Wyrmbreaker down!

Yeah, forgot to take a kill shot again, but Halfus Wyrmbreaker went down in 13 attempts.

By: Saphiel - January 17th

Magmaw down! Omnotron Defense System down!

We forgot to take kill shots, but Magmaw and Omnotron are down in 10-man!

Maloriak is our target for tonight, with Halfus Wyrmbreaker on the docket for Wednesday.

By: Saphiel - December 16th

Welcome Our First New Officers

Tensoon and Arynia have volunteered to serve as performance officers, and Jubela is going to serve as our recruitment officer.

Lots of jobs still need doing, however: there is still one performance officer position available, as well as the requisitions officer, mediation officer, PvP officer, and web officer positions.

By: Saphiel - December 14th

Officers Needed; Guild Policies Update

Crescendo needs officers! Becoming an officer is fairly simple: volunteer, and then prove you can do it well. The job is yours until you no longer want it or until you demonstrate that you aren't right for the position. The following positions are available:

--- Mediation / Conflict Resolution Officer: Open. Responsible for mediating conflicts between guild members. If we've done our job right, this should be a very simple job!

--- Recruitment / PR Officer: Open. Responsible for helping to recruit new members and acting as a liaison with the greater realm community. Tasks will include updating important threads on the forum such as raid progression or guild listing threads.

--- Performance Officers (2): Open. These two officers who will primarily work on improving raider performance and aid in refining raid strategies. This position will require a good deal of research out of game.

--- Backup Raid Leader: Open. In addition to the responsibilities of a Performance Officer, this officer will also lead the raids when Saphiel is unavailable.

--- Requisitions Officer: Open. Will help manage the guild bank, restock the raid bank (with guild bank funds, of course), help hand out raid supplies, and act as a liaison for guild crafting tasks

--- PvP Officer: Responsible for organizing guild PvP events. Only instated if the interest exists.

--- Web Officer: Responsible for helping to keep information on the website up to date and accurate and acting as forum moderator. Knowledge of web stuff to help beautify the site also a plus!

To "apply" for one of these positions, send me or Lesmiserable a message through the messaging system on the site here. Also, if you feel that you'd be well suited for an officer position that isn't listed here, simply state your case as to why you think we need the position and chances and we very well may instate it.


Also, we've updated the Standards and Practices page.

The main changes are to the raid policies section. Be sure to check it out. If you break a rule because you didn't know about it, don't expect any sympathy. Also, these rules are still in the beta stage, so if there's something you don't like and want to discuss, speak up now!

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